The Miscellany of Stewart McCoy

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#experience design

“We went to the Natural History museum and watched the people instead of the artifacts. We learned that most parents do not know much more than their kids when standing before a giant, prehistoric clam. We learned that museums are for wondering, so it’s the responsibility of the museum to help people raise interesting, obvious questions. Does this thing live where I live? Did they have to kill it to bring it here? Can I eat it? Coming up with your own answers is sometimes more interesting than having everything answered for you. So much of noticing is wondering.”

– Frank Chimero, Stand Clear of the Closing Doors

Why I ride fixie

Riding fixie has a lot of overlap with design. It’s about aesthetics and experience. It’s about clean lines. Simplicity. An understanding of what you’re working with. It’s about craftsmanship. It’s about a direct connection with an the materials of an experience. Riding fixie is similar to why you don’t buy a Ferrari with an automatic transmission. 

“You cannot claim to be an expert in interaction design without practical experience. Building things and dealing with user opinions is what makes a user experience designer. Being an active facebook or Twitter user, a talented speaker, a winning sales man or a collector of UXD articles doesn’t make you an expert on user experience design. What makes you an expert in designing interfaces is building interfaces and dealing with the (often very angry) feedback.”

– via Oliver Reichenstein, “Can Experience be Designed?” (Part 2)