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The ‘Elastic’ Social Graph

I love Color concept of an elastic social graph in the way that it reflects real life relationships that come together based on proximity and increased interactions over time and then fade and disappear. 

So, is color just another social photo sharing app? No. There are no friend designations in the app.Instead, your friends are people whose paths your own path intersects with, both in location, time and interaction. The more you interact with someone, the more persistent that connection becomes. Over time, it fades away. Ngyuen calls it the “elastic” social graph and he said it’s just one of several other ideas the company is working on patenting.

"That’s the part I’ve never gotten about an online social network - to say that someone is your ‘friend.’ It’s rather kind of random. Shouldn’t relationships based on technology work the exact same as real life relationships?" asked Nguyen.

In the world of Facebook, once someone is your friend, they’re your friend until you return and re-evaluate that relationship, regardless of whether or not you’ve ever spoken to them again. In reality, the relationship could have fizzled long ago, yet it’s still a bond as good as any. With Color’s “elastic” social graph, these ties can fade and disappear. Color’s ability to accurately determine location and user proximity is what makes this sort of social graph - an implied, impermanent and elastic social graph - even possible.