The Miscellany of Stewart McCoy

“What we found instead was that ordinary Americans have virtually no influence over government policy and that mass-based interest groups as a whole do not reliably side with the wishes of the average citizen.” is live »

PushPickup has launched. This initial release is focused on providing organizers with a tool that’s better than email for coordinating pickup games; they won’t have to worry about +1s accidentally dropping off their list or deal with CCing or BCCing or ‘reply’ versus ‘reply all’. A secondary benefit is getting otherwise open-invite pickup games off of email threads and on to a public forum.

“I feel dirty every time I use the term “direct reports.” I get that the concept is necessary organizationally, but the reality is that it’s actually me who’s accountable to them. My job doesn’t exist so that I can know more, or so that I can tell others what to do. My job exists to cultivate a healthy and safe environment for amazing people to do the best work of their lives. My job is to make sure that people feel supported and have a clear path to success and growth. And when things get murky or confusing, it’s my job to assist in finding clarity again, to reframe the conversation.”

– Cap Watkins, My Role as a Manager

“That the best designers can take a group of people and constructively get all the needs, and requirements, and conflicts, and edge cases, and all of that detail out of them in a way where they don’t even know that that’s been retrieved because it’s been a great process of facilitation.”

– Jared Spool, UI18 Transcript: Jared Spool - It’s a Great Time To Be a UX Designer